Jewellery & Accessories

Pretty Girl's Necklaces and Braided Mermaid & Unicorn Bracelets are just the beginning of all the accessories that Mini Mermaid Tails has available for you!  We also have fancy Hand Mirrors - both sparkly and hologram style; along with mermaid tail coin purses and gift boxes.  Whatever you need for your little mermaid, we have it and ready to serve.

Jewellery and Accessories available:

Cute Mermaid watches

Pretty Kid's Necklaces in Mermaid, Shell, and Starfish styles

Braided Mermaid & Unicorn Friendship Bracelets

A Mini Mermaid Tails Gift Box filled with goodies

Shell-Shaped Mermaid Compact Hand Mirror (either Sparkly Glitter or Hologram style)

A Mermaid Message in a Bottle Gift 

Sequined Mermaid Tail Coin Purses

Silicone Narwaii in ear Headphones 

Which gift will make your little mermaid's day magical?