Mermaid Tails

Mini Mermaid Tails has a wide variety of Mermaid Tails with matching Bikinis in a range of sizes to fit ALL aspiring mermaids. We stock 28 different Mermaid Tails plus accessories, with 12 of those being Luxury which have a side zipper. All Mermaid Tails are made with quality materials and care.

Imagine the joy in your little girl's eyes when she transforms herself into a beautiful mermaid with one of our quality Mermaid Tails!

Choose from a wide assortment of bright, stunning colours, styles and sizes. Don't forget to add a monofin to make the tail even more realistic!

Please note: Mermaid Tail and Fin products significantly reduce children’s swimming ability and caution should be taken by parents when allowing children to use these products in water.

Swimming in a mermaid tail is ONLY for strong competent swimmers - children aged 7 years or older and ONLY with adult supervision. Children need to be at Swim & Survive Stage 6.