Transform your child's dreams into a reality with our magical mermaid tails! Imagine your little one swimming gracefully through the water, just like the beloved character Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"

Our premium quality mermaid tails are made from soft, stretchy material. Available in a range of dazzling colours and designs, we offer a luxury line of tails as well as more affordable options in a range of sizes, so that all who want a part of the mermaid world can be included. We also offer one of the best Monofins to be found outside of the ocean to give your tail structure and to improve your swimming.

Luxurious Mini Mermaid Microfibre Hair Towel for Frizz-Free, Quick-Drying Bliss On-the-Go!

Mermaid Tail Safety in Water

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See how to take our tails off in and out of the water...

Why not host a Mermaid Birthday Party?

Create your own Mermaid Photoshoot!

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