Mermaid Tails

Mini Mermaid Tails has a wide variety of Mermaid Tails with matching Bikinis in a range of sizes to fit ALL aspiring mermaids. We stock 28 different Mermaid Tails plus accessories, with 12 of those being Luxury which have a side zipper. All Mermaid Tails are made with quality materials and care.

These beautiful Mermaid Tails with accompanying Bikinis will make your little mermaids feel simply magical in the water. Choose from a wide assortment of bright, stunning colors, styles, and sizes. Order yours from Mini Mermaid Tails today!

Available in all of these amazing colors and styles -

New Tropical, Berry Frill, Ocean Frill, Rainbow Frill, Purple and Turquoise Frill, Turquoise Blue Frill

Pink Shell, Purple Shell, Blue Shell

Green and Pink Watermelon, Pink and Blue, Rich Blue and Dark Pink, Pink Yellow and Black, Peacock Purple and Blue, Yellow and Blue, Purple and Blue, Purple

Turquoise Shimmer, Pastel Rainbow, Blue Tiger, Cosmic, Pink Candyfloss, Bold Rainbow, Orange Tiger, Orange Clownfish

Rainbow Tankini, Pink & Yellow Tankini

Imagine the joy in your little girl's eyes when she transforms herself into a beautiful mermaid with one of our quality Mermaid Tails.